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Amazingly Stupid

Competence has never been a given to me, although many people have given me lots of incredible opportunities to ‘prove myself, I can not really remember an open acceptance that I was worthy of cart blanc acknowledgment, of any specific skill.

Understand that we all have to show what we can do or what we can not do, but in my case, it has almost always been a struggle to get an open ticket to just perform. Very hard reality for a visionary who can see a clear way in helping, creating, and just knowing ways to solutions. Few in power risks that and so it is; do the little things lay another foundation sucks up the status quo, one more step on the ladder of mediocrity. 
In the USA you can buy a boat with no experience go where ever you want and call for help or die it is wide open. Imagine you have the money to buy a 68’ foot racing sloop, take your young family and sail from Maine to Florida, and it’s your first yacht!

In most countries, you could never do that you have to have a major license with all the certifications and milage under other ‘captains. Well, thank God that I did not kill my beautiful daughters doing the exact same thing. I really don’t know how we survived but now I am here in Tahiti crossing the Pacific Ocean.
Today we found a marina that had space because another yacht went to the yard for work (so many cruisers are ‘stuck here). The marina manager fortunately speaking English ( where are you Brynn:-) told me, we can occupy his ‘very good client’ side dock. So in the land of French bureaucracy, he tells me look there is the space you can be here for 7 days. No paperwork, no deposit, no we will be watching/helping you dock, just here you go I believe you are competent. What a sucker!

No, actually I did bring Amanercer into the slip while avoid hitting the million-dollar yachts, and now sitting in Tahiti a dream come true!