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Bartolome Islands

The 5 am alarm that is usually reserved for our night watches was a rude awaking to begin the big day to Bartolome island. On the small bus, we headed an hour north to catch a sloooow tour boat. Two and a half hours later we disembark on what looks like a moon landing. There’s a bit of vegetation few lizards and 450 stairs to climb in blistering sun/heat and a guild...

Doing Time in Galapagos

We ran through our three islands the ones that we are permitted to visit in a quick two weeks. The plan has been to get a taste of each island and repeat the run with Sandy who arrives on 3/2 and only has 10 days to take in as much as possible. It seems to be a good strategy as we hit some of the easier parts of each island and hold off on the high-end tours that we...