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In the Doldrums

Spending most of my life in pursuit of adrenaline-filled adventure it seems ironic that I sit today in the Doldrums!

Day five is a slow calm motoring event that has us playing card games, watching movies, doing the food, and clean up just the normal floating household. A great time to reflect share travel stories, finish the leftovers while dodging the rain clouds.

And clouds they are, giant vertical columns rising some twenty thousand feet until they unload back onto the sea. 360 degrees all around us most just forming and some we see great dark tropical rain slamming the ocean surface. When it is our turn we run to put out a ‘rain catch’ to capture the pure water into our tank. Running around in the wind and rain to make the setup and as quickly as it came the water vanishes.

The map charts have the islands on it now and the encouragement that we have made a very good passage thus far is keeping us in high spirits. Trying not to look too far ahead as the tranquility of this bluest of blue water has not a ripple on it. So we are left to our creativity to take our Doldrums and make them fun 🙂 

Known to sailors around the world as the doldrums, the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone, (ITCZ, pronounced and sometimes referred to as the “itch”), is a belt around the Earth extending approximately five degrees north and south of the equator. 

The Doldrums