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The Sound Of Water

As infants before we can remember we smacked at the water in our tiny tubs flinging arms with little control and hearing the splashes we created. All our lives it is there from the sink faucet to the roar of the surf. Back in our bath our head down blowing bubbles and years later listening to the bubbles again only from the fall of a majestic waterfall. 

It’s really quite endless when you think about the sound of water. A few weeks ago at the giant tortoise reserve, we had a cloud burst and ran under a large metal roof, that is a water-rock concert! Here on Amanercer water tells you everything that is going on with the boat and the sea itself. 

When the long swells lift us up you hear the hulls starting to plane as the speed increases and the sound of the wave that we are creating breaks about us in a high pitch as only for a moment. Then slow almost dead as the wave passes us by a quiet glide, then a few seconds of singing when the wireline forward zips through the water as the stern is picked up again and the process repeats.

The couch roof sits low between the hulls and is a perfect target for massive slamming, shutters vibrating through the whole interior. Confused seas are the worst leaving you sleepless wondering how this fiberglass can withstand such an assault. 

The most beautiful sound is the wild stream a rooter tail of power cascading off the transoms under full speed. Looks like you can waterski as seven tons of Amanecer dances through the ocean at ten, eleven, twelve knots. And of course the calms, eerie faint sounds of the massive Pacific that tickle and lap at the boat telling you she is there and remind you that tomorrow maybe a whole lot different!