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Our home in Zihuatanejo

Driving down again to our home in Zihua easy to forget it is a long way, even though we stopped for three days in Purto Viarta the last day was a marathon. The road is very similar to hwy 1 at Big Sur the distance is not far but the curves at snail pace takes the whole day.

As new views of the mountains falling into the Pacific Ocean keep the interest the 20 miles per hour average wears on. At the last stop at Mc Donalds in Lazero Cardenez, we almost took a hotel. Powering through the nigh in cartel riddled Gerrerero, that increased the attention span and the joy of going back to our home we pulled in around 10 pm after 2,300 miles and 6 days….

The truck was just as it has been the most reliable and best machine for road trips like this. Had to pass by a dozen military and police stop points that we never stopped and really just rolled through. Family is still repeated and with an old soft top on the roof, they figured we did not have any uzi’s inside!

Once we arrived we had a few weeks before people started to arrive. The place had gone slowly down without our direct attention. The work done by Cecilia, Josefina, Alexis, and Jo was incredible and the place was transformed again into our place in paradise. Of course, the interruption to the hardware store and supervising some workers were taking Joshua and Simon surfing almost every day.

Both have become water rats and skill levels are growing. Hard for the old man to keep up.

The time with family the beauty of the house/garden gave us a great Christmas spirit. We held the posada traditional at our house on the 23rd with the whole of the neighbors and hundred kids joining in. It is the highlight socially and a blessing that we are considered as local friends.

A fish feast for Christmas for 30 and lazy recovery days at our cove about a five-minute drive that is only visited by very few locals. Even a few days we were on the pristine beach, crystal real water all to ourselves. It is absolutely Joshua’s favorite place in the world for now.

As everyone added home except Bridget and family who have moved in for a few months or years:-) I think the girls are changing Ryan and Bridget’s mind for beach days as they had a blast. They began to learn quickly their limits for the waves and started to give Bridget and Ryan some relaxation.

It was the right step for us and left happy to explore Mexico City and get the flight to Panama.

Just you all out on the Panama plan as we prep for Galapagos!

Love,  Cecy, Josh, Simon and Rob