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The crew meets up

Seems like a long time since Cecilia and I brought Amanecer from the Caribbean through the canal. Fresh off the work at the house in Zihuatanejo, we have been trying to go a bit slowly recovering some energy. Not Josh and Simon who are keen to explore and learn everything on board.

Just unpacking has been a challenge and beginning the communication and relationship with new people takes time. We are so lucky to have Ben and Tiff as our back up a couple. It is already clear that the skills and talents are complementary. The life experiences incredible travel stories from us all will go on for many night watches. Free travel spirits have a positive outlook on the world and people you just don’t hear about in the’ news of which I quit looking at some weeks ago.

The next weeks will be a push with the adrenaline high to drop the lines and head out. The interactive site with our daily location will be up and we can receive, data, phone, and all. But the month programs do have limited and will forward a bit of best communication possible as my IT guys put it together. That is Ben, Simon, and Joshua!

All our love sea ya out there!